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All Restaurant Management students receive a final task to create their own project of a pop-up restaurant. Students have to elaborate on the concept and style of the restaurant, its menu and interior design during their studies. The most important thing is that at the end they manage to make their project come true as an actual pop-up restaurant on a Restaurant Day or in a partnership with famous restaurants and hotels of Saint Petersburg. All the money made from the pop-up restaurants are donated to charity organizations chosen by the students.

In summer 2014 SWISSAM Business School students of the programs "International  Restaurant Management"  and "Culinary Аrts"  opened their own pop-up restaurants right on the square next to the school building.

In order to finish their studies with distinction and make the restaurants successful, the students elaborated concepts and marketing strategies, developed business plans, menus and design for their projects. There were three groups of seven who created three restaurants:

All the money made from the pop-up restaurants was donated to charity projects chosen by the students. SWISSAM Business School graduates presented their own pop-up restaurant last spring on the Restaurant Day that took place in Saint Petersburg on May, 16th 2015. In that case the students also developed all the projects from the very beginning during their studies at SWISSAM "International Restaurant Management" and "Culinary Аrts"programs.