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Internship and Career


The SWISSAM diploma provides an opportunity to compete for middle management positions in international hotel chains. It goes without saying that the knowledge and practical skills in mastering the contemporary technology of management acquired by the graduates of the program INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT UNDERGRADUATE, INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT POSTGRADUATE and INTERNATIONAL RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT will enable them to start their own business and make a success of it.

Chefs completing the CULINARY ARTS program are specialists, competent not only in various schools of world cuisine but ready to teach their future colleagues how to cook, and are equipped with all the necessary tools to set up a successful restaurant business.


Michel Faillettaz, Consul general of Switzerland

"Together with my partner Nicole, I took my post as Consul general of Switzerland in St. Petersburg in August 2013. As is usual in my position, I contacted the Swiss companies established in the area, among them Swissam. During a visit to the school, I had the chance to meet with the Dean and the Management and was impressed with the facilities that the school offers even though it is relatively new. Working with professionals, it offers a broad formation in hospitality management to its students in a fast growing sector in Russia. From cities as far as Krasnoyarsk, I hear that the demand for the training of professionals is high and I am convinced that Swissam will fulfill a need in this field.

On a more personal experience, I add that my partner Nicole and I employ regularly students from the school for our receptions. It is our contribution to their formation in the sense that they can experience, in real life, what they learn at school. So far we have been most impressed in the way that the young people have answered our needs and it is a pleasure to see them at work in our own home.

I wish the school great success in the future!


Employers Reviews

Albina Ubyikon, Front Office Manager, Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya

"Because students performed well in the classroom, it was decided to take them on as staff. The boys were the youngest in our team, but their attitude, hard work and training exceeded all expectations. It is no secret that the summer months are the busiest in St. Petersburg, the guys proved that their training in business school meets the requirements of the hotel industry: the ability to apply themselves, to follow instructions and deal with difficult situations. It was a good experience in cooperation and we certainly will take on other SWISSAM students!”

The Hotel Marriott Pushkin. On the placement students from SWISSAM:

"Our trainee set to work straight away on the OPERA system, which has different levels of access, the functions open to her are compatible with the position that she holds today. Her level of English will improve, it will become more relaxed and conversational with everyday ‘face to face’ contact with the guests. More importantly she is not scared to speak and does it with pleasure. She is friendly and open, meets the guests face to face, initiates conversation and gets good experience from this interaction also. She has integrated easily into the staff. She worked for two days but it seemed like she had been working here for a long time. She is a very responsible and disciplined young woman. If she sees that tomorrow there will be a backlog of work for her colleague and she has time today, she will, of her own volition, take on part of the workload to help her colleague. Workers with this kind of attitude are very rare.

The development prospects for a student that has gone through the first course of training in front office service is a career ladder from an administrator at reception to the role of supervisor and further, depending on the person; we have a very large chain and vacancies don’t just appear in St Petersburg, there are many examples of this. After completing the work placement, the students can stay and continue to work part-time, mixing this with their studies. The students of SWISSAM differ from our other trainees, they smile more”.