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Operating Personnel

Delivering Excellent Service & Creating Great Customers Experiences - 2 days
The course covers all the essential customer service techniques enabling you to identify your customer's needs and keep delivering a level of service that ensures loyalty and increased profits.
You will look at how to:
  • understand who your customers are, what they need and what they expect
  • identify the key elements of customer service excellence
  • create a positive impression on your customers and enhance the image of your organisation
  • choose appropriate behavior for different customer service situations
The Complete Beverages Training - 1 day

Learn how to identify, serve, pair and recommend alcoholic beverages to your Guests and become a service pro in this exciting course.

Master this course and you will be well on your way to becoming a multi-faceted service professional. The best drinks service professionals do not merely hand over beverages to Guests, they are able to describe every detail of their drinks menu in order to confidently recommend to Guests, providing informed service. They are also able to recommend food and wine pairing which makes their service stand out. Want to become an alcoholic beverage service pro? Get started right here.

Catering and Buffet in a Restaurant - 2 days
This short course introduces the Learner to various service techniques like plated and silver service as well as a variety of menu types, and course sequences. Personal appearance and hygiene standards round-off this informative introduction into food and beverage service. Upon completion of this course, Learners will have a solid foundation of Food and Beverage expertise that they can build on by taking our Food and Beverage Professional courses.

Supervisor Staff

Leadership & Motivation in Hospitality Industry - 2 days

A hospitality organization is only as strong as its leadership. The Hospitality Leadership course empowers emerging leaders with superior leadership aptitudes, skills and capabilities.

  • Your Leadership Vision
  • What makes leaders different from managers
  • How to attract the best people
  • How to develop SMART goals
  • How to develop responsibility
  • Effective private club leadership
Train The Trainer in Restaurant Business Education - 2 days

This course aims to update and enhance students' skills and knowledge of Food and Beverage Management and to promote the use of effective supervisory management skills through a better understanding of their functions.

The course covers:

  • Introduction to supervisory management;
  • Food and beverage management in trade knowledge;
  • Introduction to food and beverage financial management;
  • Human resources management;
  • Quality service management;
  • Wine study and menu design;
  • Job-related English.
Snack Bar-Cafe and Fast Food Management - 2 days
This course in Snack Bar / Cafe and Fast Food Management provides information for food and hospitality employees on snack bar and Cafe operations.
The course was developed to assist snack bar / cafe and fast food personnel to be able to operate in a more profitable and businesslike manner.
During the course, students will examine a range of topics enabling them to understand the broad range of tasks required to be successful in running a snack bar or fast food outlet.
This course is designed for people who wish to gain an understanding of how to plan, establish and run a successful fast food outlet.

Managerial/Executive Level 

Marketing in Restaurant Business - 3 days
The overall aim is to cultivate a food and beverage management expertise among hospitality management students. It is to provide the student with exposure to developments in Food and Beverage management nationally and internationally through a comparative analysis of food and beverage operations in selected enterprises.
Food Costing & Pricing Strategies - 3 days
This full day workshop is ideal for chefs, catering managers, cafe or restaurants owners, food and beverage supervisors or anyone with responsibility for the financial outcomes of a food operation.
  • Purchasing
  • Food cost and food cost percentage
  • Portion control
  • Standard recipe and recipe cost sheets
  • Yield testing
  • Stock control
Understanding and Managing changes in Restaurant Business  - 3 days

This course looks at organizational change from a human and process perspective. Learn how change impacts people, and what leadership behaviours are needed to manage the upheaval. Practice key skills for helping those who are struggling with change. Support your team in times of uncertainty, and facilitate the transition process.

  • Comprehend the core dynamics of change in organizations: what leads to change, what is involved and who is affected
  • Leverage organizational culture to help shape desired behaviors
  • Develop an approach to implementing change imposed from above
  • Understand why people often resist and struggle with change
  • Help team members cope with feelings of insecurity, frustration, and cynicism
  • Communicate a convincing message and vision that others can commit to
  • Step out of the victim mindset, to become a catalyst for healthy transformation

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