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Renata Tashboltaeva

Hello, my name is Renata Tashboltaeva. I graduated from SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary Arts School in 2015. I took the IMI International Restaurant Management program course there.

Unexpected turn

As one famous Russian song put it: “Here is a new turn and will you lose or win?” The same situation happened in my life.

Before I started at SWISSAM Business School I worked at Pulkovo Airport and planned to connect my life with the aviation sphere. But due to personal circumstances in November 2014 I needed extra money and got a job at one of restaurants in Pushkin town.

There I discovered a new world and was strongly impressed by the cooks’ professional skills. What’s more, the cooking itself seemed like magic for me. Also the restaurant team worked so harmoniously together and provided a high level service which satisfied the guests. After working both in the airport and restaurant I finally decided to change my area of work and continue developing in the restaurant business.


The next step was to chose educational institution. The main requirement was a short-term postgraduate course in Restaurant Management because I had been already studied Jurisprudence for 6 years and didn't want to spend 3 more years at university.


I came across the information about SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary Arts School on the Internet and I called the Admissions Officer and arranged a meeting right away. After that I chose the IMI International Restaurant Management program. Then during our family meeting we decided that I should apply for the course and I became a student in April 2015.

Enjoyable studying

What were my most excellent and memorable impressions of being a student? Lectures were given in the form of dialogues that helped to understand the material quickly. At SWISSAM you get a good balance of theory and practice instead of spending time poring over textbooks and learning everything by rote.

Also our tutors had a great practical experience as well as being talented teachers. The information we received during our course showed actual situations in the restaurant management sphere.

During the process of studying there was a chance to meet top managers from leading hotels and restaurants that help find a dream job.

It was very interesting to work over the final graduation project. Our team had a very complicated task -  to create and realize a one-day street restaurant as a part of the “Restaurant Day” project.


That`s how “Tshi da kasha” was born. In the menu there were dishes made from traditional Russian products that were well-known by the older generation and familiar to younger ones, but with a twist.

What’s next?

After graduating from SWISSAM Business School I applied for the position in the F&B Department at Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel. I like my job and all the knowledge that I have learned during the course helped me to get adjusted to my responsibilities quicker. Education at SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary Arts School gave me the perception that a restaurant is one organism and all the processes are interconnected and influence the result.


When I got this job I was impressed that my director knew about SWISSAM Business School and HR department took part in Career Day for SWISSAM students.


When you come to an interview you are asked this question: “What will you do in 5 years?” I can’t give a definitive answer. I hope that I will become a successful F&B director or have my own restaurant, but I am certain that I won’t change my area of work.

Advice to students

For people wishing to become students of SWISSAM Business School I advise you to enjoy every moment of your studies, attend all the classes and pay attention to the guest lectures that often take place there.