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April 3, 2016 a one-day charity grill restaurant Primal opened in SWISSAM Business School. On the menu were meals and snacks cooked on the coals, starting with the steak of beef tenderloin and finishing with polenta and baked banana. Homemade juice, herbal teas and soft drinks were poured for the guests. The goal of Primal restaurant team is to return to the origins of gastronomy in a modern reading, reveal the natural taste of the products in a new way and create a relaxing atmosphere for meeting with friends and family.

During the Restaurant Day Primal Restaurant was visited by more than 100 guests, 44 servings of shrimp were eaten along with 43 steaks and 65 glasses of juice. Thanks to our guests, partners and sponsors of the project, including Metro Cash & Carry, Tillypad, X-OVEN and others, we were able to donate 26,250 rubles to the charity fund "Need Help" in support of the project “Training apartment in St. Petersburg”, which prepares people with autism for independent living. The project was not chosen by chance - we are celebrating World Day to share information on the issue of autism, which is on April 2nd.