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Lija Davidjan

The most entertaining way to become more aware of hospitality business . My experience at SWISSAM was really amazing.

I was studying at this school for a year. During this time it gives their students a cutting-edge business knowledge given from professional team.  The combination of classroom theory and hands-on practice was truly appealing to me.

SWISSAM gave me the opportunity to open my own restaurant with its own menu, brand, furniture and setting and even though it was only one-day project, it seemed completely real!

SWISSAM School puts you though all the managing diversity developing communication, teamwork and move up the career ladder. I currently work in AZIA restaurant of Grand Hotel Europe under the leadership of Marc Flalip, F&B Director of Grand Hotel Europe.

Lera Sergeeva. International Hospitality Management. Undergraduate studies

“The teaching staff are excellent! They are all really friendly and experts in their field. Their strong personalities, dedication and desire to make their students the best of the best in the hospitality sector is a delight to witness! The teaching system is wonderful, we don’t get bored in double lessons, every second we are engaged in the learning process! In the majority of Russian colleges of higher education they operate by the principle of ‘Try to copy the whole lecture down in your notebooks’. But at our college each lecture takes the form of a presentation and at the end of the school day they send out a wide range of material to the students by post, new books (foreign, which is particularly pleasing) to study the subject.  Preparing for exams, you use all this material.

An important role is played by professional contacts… High ranking guests come to visit SWISSAM, general directors of hotels and famous head chefs who are interested in collaborating with SWISSAM.  They talk with the students and are always ready to answer questions and exchange contact details - of course this is very productive.

What amazed me is that I didn’t just walk to school but ran there, as though I was going home, to my big family that have helped me to become a professional in my field and even, who knows, a big wheel in the hospitality industry. It is a world that will always be glad to have new students, friends and colleagues!”

Anastasia Ivanova. Culinary Arts

"The reasons I would recommend studying at SWISSAM are as follows: at SWISSAM you are in the company of professionals and this is particularly important for those who are complete novices, that is to say people who have no experience of the hotel and restaurant business. The school constantly organizes events and meetings with experts in the field, people who are successful and are ready to collaborate and share their experience and skills. It is of particular interest to them that the school produces professional graduates, because for them, in essence, it is a long-term investment in the development of their business. One day, and we fully believe this, taking on a graduate of SWISSAM will guarantee the success of your business. 

It is important that a chef has a solid creative foundation, and as a professional it is important for them to have a good understanding of world traditions and the culinary classics. A theoretical grounding which is gained through well thought out tuition both before and during practical activity helps to expand their world view and make them feel confident in their abilities and potential as a specialist. The plan of practical activity and theory lessons has been devised by colleagues from the American Institute of Culinary Excellence ICE, partners of SWISSAM. So, despite the fact that we are pioneers in the sphere of training in the hospitality industry, if we are talking about a European level of training, then of course the training program has recommended itself through the years of successful work of ICE graduates.

The school is seriously oriented on providing students with every opportunity to master their favorite subject and become specialists - the best ingredients are bought and the classrooms are fitted with the latest technology. Thanks to good relations and the school’s partnership with such giants as ‘Marriott’, ‘W’ and others, the students of SWISSAM have a unique opportunity to have a glimpse into the kitchens of the largest hotels and restaurants, to see how this world operates from the inside.

The restaurant-hotel business is in desperate need of specialists. When hiring people to work, the person’s general competence and professional skills is not the only thing in question, but also a desire to learn what principles govern the person’s action. In Russia, as in the rest of the world, it is important to establish the ethics of the running of the business and in this situation it is particularly important to instil in the future managers and owners of companies firm working principles. They need to learn how to run a successful business efficiently and ethically. And who better to learn this from than those professionals who are dedicated to their business, amongst circles of enthusiasts like you?’

Elena Yanishevskaya. International Hospitality Management. Postgraduate Studies.

"After spending three years in Africa I was sure that had lost all the socio-cultural skills that I had learnt in the northern hemisphere. Africa had me in its thrall and thoughts started in my mind of opening a hotel or a small restaurant based on the experience of local acquaintances. Consequently when I saw the advert for the student intake at SWISSAM I thought to myself ‘when the student is ready, the master appears’.

To be honest starting at a new educational establishment was quite scary - first of all did I really want to start studying again? Secondly, would I be able to do it? Thirdly, the thought crossed my mind - would the school be a success or a flop? When I started the term in October, at the beginning when I read the course books I marked every seventh word as unknown. By the second month I was already on top of the situation - that is the meaning of ‘total immersion’. I’d like to say thank you straight away to our English teacher Vlad Agaskin. After I graduated from SWISSAM, literally on the next day after receiving my degree, everybody started asking me whether it was worth going and what was the English teaching like. My answer was; “It’s worth it, they have Vlad, he’ll teach you English.”

Regarding the attitude of SWISSAM to their students - they have an answer for every question, even the most absurd. I very quickly came to understand what communication on a professional level means. It is elegant, interesting and often ‘between the lines’. To consider one’s every step and every word.  My brain was bursting with activity yet relaxed at the same time. And let’s not forget about the dress code (which sadly we didn’t always observe), that really disciplines you.

Knowledge. I remember the initial mood of the group: ‘It is so simple that there’s no point in talking about it. Why are they telling us that, it’s so obvious?” But at the end of the second month I saw a clear stepped structure and were it not for that, I would have simply floundered and stopped taking on any new information completely. Also, if the marketing course with Daniel Charbonnier had taken place at the beginning of the course I would have hid in a corner, with my legs nervously twitching. All the teachers were of a very high level, even Mr.Burkhard in his own way, although he was difficult to follow, which was a lesson in itself. But speaking frankly, there wasn’t enough practice, in the full understanding of the term. I’d rather we had gone hot from the forge, straight into the field. SWISSAM has undoubtedly been a success. I judge this from my own experience and the response of others to the training. I am sure that I personally have already sent 20 people to SWISSAM.  

In the middle of the year work appeared. Here, in Petersburg. A restaurant was opened, now they plan to open two more bars and a hotel. The idea about Africa had slunk off into a corner and was looked on with sad eyes. And lo, after only two months since finishing, I am flying off to Mombasa to show a potential location to an investor. The most important thing, for which I thank SWISSAM, is for the right push at the right time in the right direction. As usual I was very lucky!”

Kirill Korneev. Culinary Arts


"SWISSAM gave me the opportunity to learn the culinary arts at a high level in just the way that I would have liked. What is more, they served as the first step in the attainment of a greater goal connected to the restaurant industry. Probably, I also felt some support and gained confidence looking at how people just like me, former graduates of colleges of higher education and ‘managers in suits and ties’ change the sphere of activity in their own favor. So, meeting new people at SWISSAM and the tuition itself, made this transition a lot easier”. 


Angelica Kwon. International Restaurant Management, Postgraduate studies, graduated 2015

If you are tired with grey atmosphere of Saint-Petersburg and sad people on the streets – come to SWISSAM, there is a really friendly atmosphere!

In any profession to find yourself is not easy, but those who came to SWISSAM, made completely conscious step in the field of hospitality, having specific feelings for selected specialties.

I'd like to mention about teamwork, which gave us a lot about understanding of our profession. During 8 months we thought about our projects, from the development of concepts in October and ending with the realization of one-day restaurants on May 16th 2015. It was an amazing experience.  I cannot describe in words that pleasure, when you get to communicate with a project inspired by the common people!

Each student made a unique contribution, and as a result (as shown by the results of the restaurant day) we received 4 viable and urgent projects. In this process, it became clear that the contribution of each project should be maximized; teamwork required the full commitment of every team member.

We learnt a lot in school, and we are grateful for this for our mentors, who gave us practical knowledge and shared with a unique experience.

Big thanks to all who have participated in our establishment, who have set the highest standards in our work and have put the most stringent deadlines, those who have organized the professional game events for us and guest lectures!

I will never regret about the choice of an educational institution, and in my head will remain so many memories of this experience, I LOVE YOU, SWISSAM!!!

Peter Slonov. International Restaurant Management


Restaurant Management program gave a full understanding of the basics of the restaurant business from the creation of concept to fiscal accounting. We learnt all the procedure of opening a restaurant in countries with highly developed hospitality area, met with many representatives of the restaurant and hotel business in St. Petersburg. Moreover, the practical part of the program – is the creation of a one-day promotional restaurant - allowed to consolidate knowledge and apply them.


Varvara Posohova. International Hospitality Management. Postgraduate studies

Despite the fact that, like all the students of the Postgraduate program, at the time of admission to SWISSAM I already had higher education, many aspects for me in SWISSAM were new. The form of entrance examinations, teaching system, relationships between teacher and student... We seem to be learnt, but it was so unlike the Russian system of education! Not a single word was spoken in vain: well-defined and well-structured topics, transparent system for application in practice. The opportunity to visit various places during the practice period has been very valuable for me, you can indefinitely imagine yourself as a hospitality person, until you get to the real "kitchen", and even in the time trouble. English education is an invaluable experience. English level is tightened for weeks, constant presence in the language environment liberates, "unleashes the tongue" - the same effect on all the English courses beat. After SWISSAM I can help PR-specialist with translation of menu, understand any "deep professional" joke or a pun, with  understanding refer to the conversation of the waiters about yesterday’s rubbing glasses - in a hotel, I know more than suggests my position, as I was on place of each colleague. I am very grateful for this valuable experience to all those who involved in our wonderful school.


 Maria Puzanova. International Hospitality Management. Undergraduate studies


First of all, any education is a self-education. SWISSAM is not just a school where you come, wait for the end of lecture, pass exams and have a rest. If you once came here, and imbued with the professionalism of teachers, the diversity of objects, big number of opportunities, which are given to you for your future - you do not get out ;)

I have been studying here for a year. And this year, taking into account that the lectures are holding during only 6 months, I do not have time to rest. It's a big job, and first of all - on yourself. Study have not finished – begins practice, the practice is coming to an end - it's time to go to school. Thanks SWISSAM that taught me how to work hard, achieve goals, it made me a happy person, and I’m exactly sure and keep calm for future!


 German Tazetdinov. Culinary Arts


Studies in SWISSAM gave me not only a correct understanding of building a business in the restaurant industry, but also the ability to organize a work in the kitchen,  come up and cook the most unusual dishes of world cuisine, to realize my ideas. Thanks to SWISSAM’s team for  skills, that I have acquired.


 Elena Pinchuk. International Hospitality Management. Undergraduate studies

I like that there is a studying in English, as well as relationships between teachers and students are very friendly. But I don’t have a feeling that you learn in the normal Institute - SWISSAM for me is a school. The school, where the studying process is not boring! 




 Sofia Alexandrova. International Hospitality Management. Undergraduate studies

Our team in SWISSAM is one big family, where studying becomes much more interesting than you can imagine. We do not just get the pleasure of studying, our teachers and students in the school create a good family atmosphere.




Eduard Babayan. International Hospitality Management. Postgraduate studies

I graduated in 2013 with a degree of Saint-Petersburg State Economic University on a specialty “Restaurant service”, but I understood that my knowledge is not enough for serious work in an administrative position. But I found out about SWISSAM and entered there. It is really a wonderful university with experienced teachers and European standards. Thanks SWISSAM.




Yana Komarovskaya. International Restaurant Management

I think that the business can not be taught. BUT ... you can give the knowledge, skills, and the most important - to show new approaches relevant to work and to control the process, what can be called a new "view of the world." This is what program in SWISSAM gave me.  Structured information about various aspects of restaurant management, the European approach to business, practical skills (from the development of the menu to the calculation of investment) and, of course, contacts and communication with the professionals in hospitality industry. Especially I want to mention about marketing and financial management courses - excellent teachers and dozens of ideas in each lecture.