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The secret weapon of Restaurant Management

Traditional or Reinventing Organization?

LifeTime or Saas?

One hundred tips from the expert in Restaurant Optimization Process

On the 17th of January, 2017 Andrew Afinogenov - restaurateur, founder and co-owner of Open Service Company - held Open Lecture "System technology optimization in restaurants" at SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary Arts School.

Andrei Afinogenov spoke to the audience about business optimization - from cable installation to video blogs for employees.

Now it seems that one can optimize everything (or almost everything) from staff management to tips.

"How to manage staff effectively?"

Andrei A .:

Many entrepreneurs still think of their managers as of  "stupid and lazy" employees. I strongly believe that Reinventing Organization are much more efficacious. SCRUM projects help all members of staff to get motivated, to take a lead and set up goals.

"What is the most important for a successful manager?"

Andrei A .:

Above all, remember: Don't bite off more than you can chew.

A good manager knows about every detail, but each employee must handle a certain area of ​​responsibility.  The main task for a successful manager is to plan, to monitor a planned action and to analyze it for a future planning

"You talk about iiko software and dozens of related apps as a new approach to the automation of the restaurant business. Are there any situations where people still work better? "

Andrei A .:

Automating should not be underestimated. Honestly, you can reduce your work to two hours a week! But, for example, I was sure that inventory process needs to be automated, and my chef had proven that they do it faster by themselves, as they work as a team on ad hoc algorithm.

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