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Mr. Kostas Sillignakis is the new CEO of SWISSAM


New Head of SWISSAM was announced. CEO plaсe at the Hospitality Business School has been taken by Mr. Kostas Sillignakis, current Dean at the SWISSAM Hospitality Business and Culinary Arts School. Mr. Sillignakis is aiming to work as an Academic Dean and CEO simultaneously. 
As a CEO of SWISSAM, Mr. Sillignakis wants to support and improve quality of education, develop academic component and expand partner base. For this purpose the new Head of SWISSAM has created a program for changes in the educational institution.

In the nearest plans of the new CEO - full academic scholarship for the Undergraduate program in Hospitality, the development and the implementation of Master's and MBA programs and the expansion of cooperation with hotels and restaurants worldwide.

Mr. Sillignakis agreed to answer a series of questions about his new position.

What do you attribute your success to? How do you measure success?

I believe that success is like a lemon tree. It will only grow if you plant it during the right phase of the moon cycle (in business that’s called “right timing”). It will only grow if the conditions are right, soil, climate, etc (that’s about personal choices and decisions). It will only be fruitful if been taken care of (that’s about choosing the right people around us, who will help us grow and succeed). Finally, the lemon should be harvested when it’s perfectly ready, not to early not to late. In business, that’s “attention to detail” and ability focus on the outcome. In my career, I try to follow the above key components, but we have to take in consideration that different people have different measurement for success.      

What do you hope for from our future hospitality leaders?

The Hospitality leaders of tomorrow will be facing several challenges that my generation didn’t have. I believe that one of the main challenges will be to keep the genuine human element of Hospitality, alive. Technological advancements are taking over several tasks and human interaction is been and will be minimized. Artificial intelligence, robotics, automation systems, will be intruding our industry more and more in the future. The successful Hospitality Leader of tomorrow will be the one who will be able to balance in the best possible way, the management of both humans and machines. 

How do you approach education on an international scale?

Everything around us is constantly changing, and at the same time, the methods people learn as well as what skills need to be mastered in order to be competitive into a global market. In SWISSAM we understand this challenge very well and we are adapting our teaching methods as well as our programs and curriculums in order to be ahead of the competition by offering “cutting edge” education for our students. My main objective is to provide international educational standards with touches of local market needs, based on the principles of “Think Global, Act Local”.

What are the values you bring to your work?

Humans are incredible beings, they just need to be given the chance, and then, with the right guidance and support, miracles could happen. I value every single individual that works with me, and I like to encourage my colleagues, to take ownership on what they do. Employees should also been encouraged to “aim higher” and continuously develop their selves. Teamwork and positive working relationships is another element that I am focusing on, as Job satisfaction is one of the basic indicators of people’s life quality measurement ratio. 

What have you learned from SWISSAM students?

I am very lucky that I have the chance to teach and be directly involved with our students. Teaching is a passion, is a bug that as soon as it bites you, then you are addicted to it. I tend to connect with my students, I like to read their minds, their hearts, their souls. They have so much energy, as well as wisdom that they constantly amaze me. When I am around, my students. I really believe that there is bright future for this industry. They are positive, they are creative, they have some amazing ideas, which inspires and making me stronger on what I do. 

What are the most important decisions you make as a leader of SWISSAM?

I am a visionary and a pragmatist at the same time. I believe that one of my charismas is to visualise success and then be able to get there, by analysing the environment, the resources needed and then strategically develop the tactics to safely lead the organisation to the desired destination. One of the most challenging parts of this strategic process is to actually persuade and engage your team members that your vision and mission, is the correct one, as well as, what will be the dividends that such a success story, will pay to everyone involved in.

What is the future of the SWISSAM with you at the helm?

My vision is to establish SWISSAM in the educational world map, as one of the leading Hospitality Management Schools. We will do that by 1) developing a truly educational culture as an organisation, 2) by being active in academic research and publications, 3) by providing “cutting edge” Undergraduate and Postgraduate education, 4) by adapting and engaging into futuristic educational models (i.e. E-Learning platform), 5) by initiating strategic partnerships and alliances, 6) and by developing new revenue streams for the school.

Besides the new post, Mr. Kostas Sillignakis is an acting Academic Dean of SWISSAM, Senior Lecturer of Food Costing, F&B Service, Marketing, Strategic Management and Leadership in Hospitality, Event Management. He has degrees from the Oxford Brookes University, the University of Surrey and the University of Huddersfield in the UK.