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The last meeting of FRiO members of 2017 became the last event held in SWISSAM.

On the event SWISSAM was officially named as the member of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers. CEO of SWISSAM Hans Hiertner and the president of FRiO Leonid Garbar gave their speeches on the importance of cooperation and evolving the sphere of hospitality in St. Petersburg and the North-West. 

The head of SWISSAM gave his first promises on cooperation with FRiO. One of them was the creation of the unique educational program for the members of FRiO only. The program will help General Managers and Owners of the Hotels and Restaurants in St. Petersburg to update their knowledges about the industry if needed.

SWISSAM is planning to become one of the constant location of meetings of FRiO in 2018.