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The first visit of our new CEO, Kostas Sillignakis, to IMI in Switzerland

We are extremely pleased to announce that, the visit of our CEO, Kostas Sillignakis, to International Management Institute (IMI) in Switzerland, were very fruitful. 
From left to right: Professor Gavin R R Caldwell, Director of Operations, Human Resources & Partner Schools; Mrs. Greta Musu, Director of International Business Development; Mr. Kostas Sillignakis, CEO & Academic Dean, SWISSAM and Professor Theodore S. Benetatos, CEO & Academic Dean, IMI.
The new strategic vision of the school has been presented to IMI Directors, and positive feedback has been received. In addition, several possible areas of cooperation, have been discussed and both parties are optimistic for the future of the business partnership. For this reason, there was a pre-agreement of renewing the partnership contract for 3 more years.