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SWISSAM & URUGUAY: The Power of Long-Term Perspective

On the 3rd of February 2017, SWISSAM Busines School welcomed Uruguay delegation:

  • Stefano di Conza, Representative of the Uruguayan Embassy in Moscow;  
  • Federico Stanham, INAC President (the National Meat Institute, Uruguay);
  • Silvana Bonsignore, INAC Marketing Director;
  • Emilio Mangarelli, INAC Board member.

Within the meeting, Hans Hiertner, CEO of SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary Arts School, warmly welcomed high-ranking guests and held a tour around the re-newed Campus.

The sides discussed ongoing partnership: SWISSAM students are demanded for internships and further career in Uruguay Hotels and Restaurants - and their partners around the world. The details of such prospects will be set in the nearest future.

Culinary Arts Foundation students will also have a great opportunity to have trainings from Alvaro Verderosa, a winner of the contest Bocuse d'or Latin America -  official representative of INAC.

After the meeting, the delegation opened the exhibition “Uruguay in Guarani. Indigenous Missionary Presence” at the Russian Museum of Ethnography. SWISSAM students supported the event and had a great opportunity to practice Hospitality Industry skills!



Since 2013, SWISSAM has fruitful partnership with the National Meat Institute of Uruguay (Uruguayan meat INAC).

In partnership with INAC, SWISSAM Business School receives support in the form of INAC's unique knowledge of beef and lamb meat, and the carried meat supply is used for culinary classes of the school.