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SWISSAM: how to run a restaurant easily?

On the 16th of January, 2017 two entrepreneurs - Peter Lobanov (restaurateur at "Bureau. Burgers and Bar") and Eldar Kabirov (co-founder of "Pizza 22 cm") - held a lecture at SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary Arts School.


Restaurant owners shared their experience with IMI International Restaurant Management students and told how to attract investments and survive in a competitive environment after all.


Particular attention was paid to the problems, which often remain aside:


“Utilities setting is as important, as the whole business-concept”


"Be prepared, that the modern consumer does not praise, but as soon as something goes wrong, there will be bad reviews everywhere"


During the visit, the speakers answered dozens of questions from the audience:


"How do you see the development of the restaurant industry in St Petersburg in 2 years?"


Peter Lobanov:

  • Guests are becoming more educated and fastidious. I guess it means that soon we will have even more unusual concepts and unusual services in this industry.

​Eldar Kabirov:

  • In many ways, the development of the industry will depend on the commercial lease. It is very difficult to get a "place under the sun". You need to predict tendencies. For example, an interesting idea of food trucks had not been proofed as a real opportunity. Infrastructure will determine the development of the business.

"What is the thing one must be aware of, when opening a restaurant?"


Peter Lobanov:

  • The answer is quite obvious: if you can not explain your business idea in 30 seconds, better forget it - either you hardly imaginr what you want, or your idea is too complex.

​Eldat Kabirov:

  • An important tip: do not open the restaurant on the last money. The opening of the restaurant is a high risk. On the surface, you look at successful stories, while dozens of projects are not being opened closing everyday.


We thank the speakers for the interesting lecture!

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