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Thank you, Gourmet Sports Hospitality AG for involving SWISSAM into Confederation Cup!

For 45 days, the SWISSAM team have had the great honor to support the largest Sports Catering company in the world Gourmet Sports Hospitality (GSH)/ Kofler & Kompanie, with the VIP and Very VIP catering services of the just finished football games resulting in Germany winning another trophy. 

The involvement of the SWISSAM team has been in 2 phases: 

Pre-Game education of the 3 catering firms assigned by GSH to provide Food & Beverage services to all the VIP areas of the new beautiful stadium.
All in all 550 enthusiastic employees from Shalyapin, Carte Blanche, and a third catering company was going through a pre-game training session in the SWISSAM campus including information of the games, the participating countries, and other useful information. The enthusiasm of the catering staff was overwhelming, as they understood the size and the unforgettable nature of being involved in a global sporting event. 

SWISSAM also had the honor to work as the link between GSH and the local catering companies, controlling that the execution was in line with the strict requirements from the International football federation. 

All in all, 10 SWISSAM staff was involved in supporting to make the experience of the VIP’s a great success. 
We had 3 Front of House Managers and 3 Back Of House managers working on the stadium. 

We would like to sincerely thank the following SWISSAM staff members: 
Mr. Kostas Sillinakis Ph.D. - Project Manager - SWISSAM head Of Bachelor Studies 
Ms. Liia Davidian - Front of House Manager - SWISSAM Alumni from our Postgraduate  Hospitality Management program (2015)
Mr. Konstantin Galtsov - Front of House Manager – SWISSAM teacher and creator and former CEO of Marcellis chain
Mr. Evgeny Safronov- Front of House Manager -  SWISSAM alumni from our Postgraduate Restaurant Management program (2016)
Mr. Josef Fleissner  Back Of House Manager – SWISSAM Head of Culinary Arts studies 
Mr. Wolfgang Kolman - Back of House Manager – SWISSAM Culinary Arts teacher
Mr. Dimitry Milov - Back of House Manager – SWISSAM employee 2014-2015. Currently working on Culinary projects

We are looking forward to next year's football tournament and for all the great experiences our staff and students will get then!