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SWISSAM lecture by famous restaurateurs in Moscow 

On 30th of November SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary Arts School organized an open discussion on the subject “Global restaurant trends and its influence on Moscow market” at the lecture hall of the Moscow Contemporary Art Center Winzavod.

Moscow's restaurateurs, experts of restaurant industry - "people who feel the pulse of the market" Vladimir Perelman (I like Grill, Beer and Brut, I like Wine, etc.), Timur Abuzyarov (Bao + bar, Beer Happens, Kenai Ceramics), Irina Avrutskaya (Like4Like Positive Communication, Catherine Starodubtseva (Hurma Recruitment) took part in the discussion. They talked about what was happening in the restaurant life in Moscow now, and what is expected in the industry in the future. Irina Avrutskaya during her presentation told that at the moment there is a separation of fast food and casual formats that are increasingly moving into the new popular fast casual format. It is caused, first of all, by a change in the behavior of the guests - they choose more healthy food at a reasonable price and at the same time they want to spend time in a pleasant democratic atmosphere. As for the more expensive formats, such as fine dining, they are increasingly transformed into upper casual restaurants, and some offer guests not only high-end cuisine, but also the experience, becoming a gastronomic theater.

Another trend, actively developing in Moscow today - the concept of 2 in 1. As an example of this format was made by Vladimir Perelman restaurant “I like Grill”, where bistro zone and restaurant area with seating arrangement are presented at the same time. Talking about the creation of the concept, Vladimir said that the most important thing to understand exactly for whom the project is created: "I do intelligent designs for intelligent people, and while it exists, goes to that audience really that close to me". Timur Abuzyarov opened a restaurant in a format which is popular in the West but not already in Russia with single-product concept and also told about a restaurant opening from the point of view of restaurateur and chef. Based on its experience, he was convinced that the new generation takes great single-product concept and to open a good restaurant you need to decide what you want to cook and do it better than any other institution in the city. The upcoming in the near future new campus opening od=f SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary Arts School in Moscow was announced by its head Stephan Bush.  He told about the opportunities and benefits that receive SWISSAM students: practical education of international level, the Swiss diploma, internship in major hotels and restaurants in Russia and abroad, the demand for graduates in the profession.

We thank all the participants and the audience of open lecture! Looking forward to see you at our future events in Moscow, follow the announcements on our website.