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On the agenda:

  • General introduction of SWISSAM Business School and its teachers

Kostas Silignakis – Head of Education

Patrick Farran – Food and Beverage Teacher

Konstantin Galtsov – teacher of  “International Restaurant Management” (Russian program)

Ekaterina Tikhomirova - teacher for the law course

  • Specific info session on our IMI International Restaurant/Hotel Management. Postgraduate study programs.
  • Open lecture “St. Petersburg as the next international gastronomic spot: fantasy or reality?”
  • Q&A with faculty of the program
  • The opportunity to talk to one of our program advisors for personalized advice 

Why IMI International Hotel Management?

The program's objective is to equip students with the practical and management skills necessary for management level positions in the hospitality and restaurant industry. The core focus is operational and integrative management with subjects including food and beverage operations, front office management and the business development of hospitality organizations.

Upon completing the course students receive a Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel Management awarded by International Management Institute (IMI) and have the opportunity to do an optional internship.

Course start – 25th of September 2017

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Why IMI International Restaurant Management?

IMI International Restaurant Management is a program for those, who wish to improve their skills in restaurant management or plan to open their own restaurant. It consists of 2 key modules:

• How to open a restaurant

• How to manage a restaurant


The course introduces restaurant management approaches to different service concepts: menu development and analysis, beverage sales and control, POS systems and principles of restaurant design. It will provide you with the benefits of personal attention, instant feedback, hands-on experience and the opportunity to complement previous knowledge. 

The program is focused on developing practical and entrepreneurial skills and covers all aspects of running a restaurant business.

At the end of the first module students create a business plan and present it to the board, consisting of industry professionals. At the end of the second module students create a “Pop-up Restaurant” project, in which they can apply all knowledge and skills gained during their studies.

Top professionals with vast industry experience teach the course. Furthermore the program is in full compliance with International Management Institute (IMI).

Course start – 25th of September 2017

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