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Today SWISSAM Hospitality Business School became part of the Federation of Restaurators and Hoteliers in the North-West of Russia. СЕО SWISSAM Hans Hiertner and the President of FRiO Leonid Garbar signed an agreement of collaboration and talked about future projects. 


The first common event by SWISSAM and FRiO will be the final meeting of all of the members of the Federation. It will happen on 21 of December in the Business School. At the event SWISSAM will be announced as a new member of FRiO. Mr. Hierter will also present the new course special for the members of FRiO.


In general, SWISSAM and FRiO are planning to meet every month inside of the Business School. The goal of meeting is in transforming the sphere of hospitality and restaurants for the better.