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SWISSAM hosted guest lecture by Igor Gavrushkin

SWISSAM business-school hosted an open lecture by Igor Gavrushkin, member of Russian Comittee of Federation European Carnival Cities (FECC), main organizator of Saint-Petersburg Carnaval, Carnaval in Pushkin and lots of others.

“Are you satisfied with city events in Saint-Petersburg? What would you like to have in your city?” - with these important questions Igor opened the lecture.

As organiser of more than 20 countries and 50 different events, Igor Gavrushkin has unique competences in events management. Students got an opportunity to know why the main Maslenitsa is hosted by Yaroslavl city and not by Moscow, why Petersburg governors used to have their ties cutted, what is so special about Battle of the Oranges (thousands of people all around the world come to a small Italian town), what is the best time to hold a city event and many other questions.

Together with the speaker, SWISSAM students discussed top-10 Petersburg events raiting, identified the main problematic zones and even suggested some events to create in Petersburg.