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SWISSAM held a public talk in Moscow on the topic "Hospitality today: Does everything depend on the People?"

The participants had the perfect opportunity to discuss the hospitality industry with leading experts.

Ekaterina Starodubtseva, Co-owner of HURMA Recruitment, opened the event and stressed the importance of employees in the hospitality industry and how employees’ adaptation affects Hotel's success.

Evgeny Osipov, F & B Manager, Sheraton Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Hotel, shared his opinion on employment conditions: “An ideal candidate is one whose smile welcomes you before the person himself”. It is necessary for service staff to be radiantly kind.

Head of the SWISSAM Moscow campus, Stephan Busch, explained the business-school mission and presented career opportunities to graduates. He himself started working in the hospitality industry without specialised education, and it took him 15 years to reach the position of hotel General Manager.

Svetlana Demidova, Training and Development Director of the AZIMUT Hotel Group, said that employees’ adaptation must be in line with guests’ welcoming.

Aneta Korobkina, Managing Director, SEC Hospitality Training and Consulting, raised the topic of staff evaluation: "We should not create categories such as “good” or “bad”, but should rather find and develop strengths and quality”.

At the end of the event, participants agreed that the Russian hospitality industry is in it’s early stages of development and that only qualitative education and internships can help one gain success in this sphere.

Within the event, organisers showed the below books and other industry-related resources to the participants.


A series of public talks on hospitality industry is a new project in Moscow launched by SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary Arts School.

Next public talk will be held in the end of January.  As SWISSAM Moscow campus will be opened in January, 2017, there will be greater opportunities and wide events variety, follow our news on the official site (!