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Story of Success: an opening of restaurant-bar «Mapuche» by SWISSAM alumni Irma Vidal


The restaurant-bar Mapuche was opened not a long time ago, on 8 of August 2017. Before that there was just an idea that I wanted to share with others. The idea of an eternal celebration.


While studying at SWISSAM I've started thinking about the conceipt. We wanted to open something free and strong. Something that would mirror the way of our thinking. I'm Latino, my dad is from Chili, so I've decided to use my herritage. And that's how the name Mapuche was born. Mapuche are Indians from Chili and Peru who were free for the whole history. There was no name better then this. So we started to take actions. 


The first thing to do was to find the building for us. This was one of the most important and challenging steps to the great opening. We didn't need obly restaurant-bar. We needed the atmosphere and energy of Mapuche. I'm very keen on how our bar is located nowadays. It is decorated as an old Latino flat. I can't stop thinking about my past, when I'm here. My childhood was very happy and joyful. I want to give these emotions to the others. 80% of the furniture in «Mapuche» is vintage. Lots of them are handmade, all of them are made from natural materials.


Opening of your own business is very hard and delicate. You have to think about everything at once. And even if you'll have a clear instruction of what to do, you'll have to correct them anyways. I wish you a good luck and great results!