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Story of success: "Greneta" wine bar great opening by the alumni of SWISSAM Ekaterina Penkovskaya


I went to study at SWISSAM by accident. My background studies were in management in France. Back in the days I used to adore wines and while studying in France, I've decided to open my own business. I count all expences, started to seach for the place to do it, but I made a mistake on the first step.


I had a business plan, great willingness to work with wines and some stable knowledge of how to manage. But I didn't have a conceipt. How to build a conceipt? I had no idea.


So I went to study. SWISSAM was a chosen place, so I attended the Restaurant Management program. I found a lot of allies on the course. After graduating I focused on the great opening of my own business: I found a building for the business, hired the designer, architect, my own chef (by the way, I did it through the social media). And things started happening, Now I'm the owner of the wine bar  «Grenata». 


Here are some tips that I can give to the people like me:

  1. Surround yourself with allies. Strong team worths millions of dollars.
  2. Business plan and conceipt are the first steps in running your business. 
  3. The kitchen should be for everybody, don't build it for your chef only.
  4. You have to think about 30-40% of additional funding while counting your first expences. We've run out of money at least by 30%.
  5. Make sure you have the right agreement with your designers where they are ought to correct their work. 


In general I wish you good luck in organizing and running your own business.