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Introduction to the Hospitality Industry

On the 30th of January, 2017, SWISSAM Business School organised Vocational Guidance for the graders of St.Petersburg school № 556.

SWISSAM interior differs from the common setting of the high schools - through the glass doors you can see not only St. Petersburg, but also London, New York... Each lecture-room has its own name and style.

After the tour, the graders learned about the basic programs at SWISSAM.

Head of Hospitality Studies, Sylvain Boussard, noted that international education in Hospitality Industry will always work on you.

"I have visited more than thirty countries, and at every place I worked on leading positions in Hospitality Industry, but as I came to Russia, I unpacked the suitcase and decided to stay here for a long time", - said Kostas Silignakis, Senior Lecturer of Food Costing, F&B Service, Concept Menu Design. -  "And if you want to build your career in that sphere, SWISSAM is the only business school in Russia, specialising in Hospitality and offering a great practice!"

Graders had a workshop at SWISSAM kitchen with Joseph Fleissner, Head of Culinary Arts Studies at SWISSAM.

The schoolers tried to serve spring rolls and after the workshop they tasted the dishes.

SWISSAM team thanks the head of St.Petersburg school № 556 and the class teacher Marina A. for their interest in Hospitality Industry Education!


St.Petersburg schools may apply for participation in Vocational Guidance program within the whole year, from the 9th of January. The 8-11 graders will visit educational workshops on Hotel & Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts.

Main purpose of the program is to introduce young people with career opportunities of Hospitality Industry, show perspectives of building career in this field, etc.

SWISSAM Business School admits applications on organized groups of students from 15 to 25 people, accompanied by teacher, head teacher or director.


+7 (812) 244-06-14,

+7 (921) 99 99 352

(Admissions office working hours: 9:30 AM 19:30 PM)

Program is free-of-charge