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Gourmet Days in Swissam. An open discussion

On June 7th at 11:00 am, the Business School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts SWISSAM will host an open discussion about the connection between food and economics, politics, physiology, and history. Well-known chefs and journalists, successful restaurateurs and bartenders, sommeliers, businessmen – everyone who joins in this discussion are united by professionalism, experience, and a desire to make the world better.


  • “What St. Peter Gourmet Days is all about, who is participating in the adventure, and why there is an angel with a fork” Alyona Melnikova (director of St. Petersburg Gourmet Days)
  • Russian cuisine – what is it eaten with?” Julia Tarnavskaya (journalist, gastronomic and vine critic, author of restaurant, bottles and cities guides)
  • “Gastronomic tradition – one more legend of Saint Petersburg” - Sergei Markov (assistant of the chairman of the committee for external relations of Saint Petersburg).
  • Step aside, it’s hot: North Capital as a supplier of ideas for restaurants in the whole of Russia.Vadim Lapin (co-founder of the restaurant group Giza Project), Artem Tshakaya (co-owner of the company Real Authentic Wine), Michail Sokolov (co-founder of the restaurant group Italy Group), Evgenii Hitkov (co-founder, co-owner, and chef of the gastrobar Vinny shkaf, restaurant Hamlet+Jacks, and bar Na vina!), Dmitry Blinov (co-founder, co-owner, and chef of the gastrobars Duo, Tartarbar, and Duo Asia), Alexii Burov (concept chef, co-owner of Dreamteam restaurants Burova and Kokkova) 
  • “Hits of the season: main trends in the world of gastronomy” - Anna Kukulina – gastronomic journalist, editor of the magazine “Simple wine news”.
  • “New hope: solidarity and social responsibility of restaurateurs” - Natalia Palacios (gastronomic journalist, co-founder of international gastronomic festivals Omnivore Moscow and Gastrocamp Smena)
  • “Happiness exists – interest in gastronomy as a way to change your life (Where and how to get an education in the sphere of hospitality in Russia?)” - Kostas Sillignakis (CEO of the Business School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts SWISSAM).
  • Gastronomic whiskey The Singleton presents: “Food pairing – an art to match the compatible” - Ivan Ostankov (brand-ambassador of the company Diageo), Maxim Gladishkevitch (the best bartender Russia 2017 by Diageo Reserve World Class, Mubarak-manager of the bar Friends), Sergei Ivashevitch (founder and mastermind of the bar Raw Materials).
  • Italian coffee illy presents: “Coffee waves or coffee wars?” - Vitaliy Kozlov (leader of the school Lenmix, president of the Russian Coffee Community)
  • “Love of wine as an excuse for discussion: apostles of natural wine argue with those who love wine without regard to its biological perfection. The battle.” (The name of the champion natural, biological, and biodynamic wine is being specified). - Leonid Sternic (three time winner “Peterburgsky sommelier”, holder of the Baltic cup of sommeliers, winner of the inter-Russian competition “Creative sommelier”, winner of the Russian competition of sommeliers, champion of Russia, co-founder and manager of restaurants Vincent and Giacomo).
  • “How to speak professionally about food in the age when all those around are writers, bloggers,and photographers?” - Katya Karina (restaurant observer of the radio Business FM, “ Restaurant phrasebook” catalogue author, co-founder of the Fucking Chairs project), Eleonora Cozzella (journalist, main restaurant correspondent of La Republica).

Start at 11:00 a.m.

Free entrance.

Registration is closed.