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Famous chefs presented Olivier Salad at SWISSAM kitchen

On the threshold of New Year’s celebrations SWISSAM gathered famous chefs of St. Petersburg to show their vision on a traditional dish, Russian Salad (Olivier).

Four chefs took part in the show:

- Emil Kovtun - experienced chef (Ginza Project and Novikov Group restaurants);

- Vladimir Dovalgo - chef of "Vincent";

- Anna Ivanovna - a culinary blogger, a spokesman of the bloggers community in St. Petersburg;

- Sergey Atrokhov - chef of "Dekabrist" Steak Bar.

While Rosstat calculated the "Olivier Index" based on the classic ingredients, the chefs presented quite unusual variety of the salad. Sergey Atrokhov used poached eggs in his recipe, Vladimir Dovalgo added fresh peas and seafood, Emil Kovtun included roast quail, and Anna Ivanovna added smoked meat to the vegetables.

Culinary duel was assessed by the expert jury headed by Karl Jonas Grip, Chairman of the Culinary Advisory Board of SWISSAM. The other jury members: Sergey Selin (Honored artist of Russia), Igor Yankovsky (CEO of supermarket chain "Real"), Anna Upryamtseva-Alexinskaya (CEO of "Komsomolskaya Pravda in St. Petersburg"), Alexander Lukin (representative of the company "Sloboda").

"It is quite important to feel the flavor balance in every dish. Traditional recipe of Olivier might be unusual for the foreigners. I would add a little bit of sour tone, honestly. But today the participants truly surprised the jury and prepared unexpected and unique versions of that dish” - said Karl Jonas Grip.

We express our gratitude to the initiators of the show - "Komsomolskaya Pravda" - and wish you to find best recipe of Olivier for the New Year’s Eve!

Yours faithfully,