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Consul General of the Republic of Cyprus in SWISSAM

On the 7th February, 2017 SWISSAM Business School held Open Lecture "Marketing of tourism services on the example of Cyprus."

Cyprus is an island rich in history and culture, and full of wonderful experiences just waiting to be enjoyed -  tourist mecca for the Russians and Europeans.

What marketing work is behind such consumer appeal?

SWISSAM students had a chance to hear the answer directly from Counsellor General of Cyprus Mr. Dimitris Dimitriou and Representative of Cyprus Tourism Organization  Mrs. Maria Mikhailova.

"Tourism is not what you think of today and what starts working tomorrow", - said Dimitris Dimitriou. - "It is vitally important to organise and sustain the full structure - from the airport personnel to the beach boats quality. Even after 2013, when we had a very high unemployment level, we did not lower the requirements to the hospitality industry professionals.

We rather became more qualitative on all aspects of the development: the work of consulates and embassies, visa procedures support...

As a result, we can say that nowadays Cyprus is associated with security and friendliness. "

"Tourism is not a top-priority need" - Maria Mikhailova notes. "However, even in crisis, destination marketing can be quite effective: we worked out a lot of special offers for the different countries, cultures and for different types of tourists - Cyprus can be ideal for your marriage, as example! We always analyse the global trends”.

Maria showed different cases, strategies and told about their results.

SWISSAM team thanks distinguished guests for an exciting lecture and discussion.