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SWISSAM made a special master-class for AmCham members. American Chamber of Commerce started frying meat from the first second. Amazing flavours of veal met in the air with the notes of fresh vegetables. Later the duet became a trio with red and white wine by sommelier.

Master-class was curated by the chef of SWISSAM Hospitality Business and Culinary Arts School Josef Fleissner. Students of the third course of Hospitality Managemend Bachelor Program became the waiters. The big boss of the day except for our Head of the school Hans Hiertner became our amazing project-manager Zhanna Agasieva.

We've asked our guests, how is it. They claim that they liked it!

Do you want to participate in the master-class like this? Or start studying Culinary Arts? Anyways, you have to contact our Admissions Team:



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