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Supervisor Staff

Marketing in the Hotel and Tourism Industry - 2 days

This course will teach you how to:

  • Analyze the relationship between consumers, practitioners, and policy makers of hospitality and tourism services/products
  • Evaluate the contributions and impacts of hospitality and tourism in social, economic, political, cultural, and other areas
  • Analyze and apply various marketing theories and concepts to practical applications in the hospitality and tourism industry
  • Communicate and respond appropriately to stakeholders in the hospitality and tourism industry
  • Identify marketing problems within the hospitality and tourism context, and apply marketing knowledge and skills to solve the problems
  • Organize and analyze related numerical and graphical data, and translate them into business
Sales of Hospitality Services - 2 days

Learn how to make the sales force a key source of sustainable competitive advantage for your organisation.

Develop comprehensive approaches to motivate and compensate sales staff.
Learn to manage a dynamic sales force in the face of increasing product, consumer, and market complexity

Hospitality Revenue Management Foundation - 2 days
This program provides you with in-depth training in the most critical revenue management techniques and strategies that you can apply on the job immediately.
  • The role of forecasting in hotel revenue management
  • Create a forecast and measure its accuracy
  • Establish or recommend room rates that maximize profitability
  • Establish or recommend approaches to making price more variable
  • Set appropriate rate fences to create appropriate customer segments
  • Analyze the implications to revenue management of using various distribution channels
  • Manage potential customer issues associated with overbooking
  • Strategies to make group-management decisions that maximize revenue

Managerial/Executive Level

Budgeting of Hotel Operations - 3 days
The module introduces how to use managerial accounting techniques to make and monitor operational budgets in hotel, restaurant and tourism business and how to use the operational budgets as management tools. Learn how basic operational profitability and productivity ratios are used in the hospitality business. Use of spreadsheets when making the budgets will be handled.
  • To apply Cost-Volume-Profit analysis
  • To use methods of forecasting sales and expenses
  • Make the main operational budgets
  • Make the variance analysis of budgets
  • Use the industry operational profitability and productivity ratios as management tools and put them in practical use
  • Utilize the spreadsheets when making financial calculations.
Human Resource Management in Hospitality Business - 3 days
  • Understand and interpret core concepts in human resource management and understand the origins and interrelationships of such concepts; 
  • Select and apply core concepts, methods and skills in human resource management in terms of suitability to context and fitness of purpose; 
  • Recognize the complexity and mutability of HR management knowledge in terms of the impact of the external environment and internal organizational processes on the management of people in hospitality and tourism organizations; 
  • Understand the nature, role, and contribution made by the personnel/human resource function in hospitality and tourism organizations; and 
  • Apply the knowledge and skills covered to practical, hospitality-based situations through case studies and role-playing exercises.
Hospitality Revenue Management. Advanced - 3 days

Expand your revenue pipeline and drive company profits by taking a higher-level strategic approach to pricing and inventory control. Create and control customer demand, establish a marketing strategy that’s built around rigorous control systems and gain a clear advantage over competition; all resulting in increased sales and profitability.

This 5-course certificate program will build on the fundamental principles of revenue management and provide students with the advanced tools and techniques that guide strategic pricing decisions, set inventory controls, and encourage demand manipulation in a way that not only drives profits but improves overall organizational performance. Participants will receive advanced instruction in revenue management and learn the industry-critical skills and advanced techniques used by top performers the world over.

This online certificate program was developed with Dr. Chris Anderson, revenue management expert and faculty member at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. The topics of revenue management and service pricing are the primary focus of Dr. Anderson’s research. He advises leaders at world-renowned hotels, airlines, rental car and tour companies—in addition to consumer goods and financial services firms—on how to fine-tune and execute their revenue management strategies to greatest effect.

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