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Information for Foreign Students

Entry to Russian federation. All citizens that needs a visa to enter the Russian federation will be assisted by SWISSAM Admissions Office. 

Applying for a Study Visa

To obtain a Study Visa to join SWISSAM, the student needs a Letter of Invitation to apply for a Visa to enter the Territory of the Russian Federation

To apply for a letter of invitation for the entry of foreign nationals into the territory of the Russian Federation, it is required that you contact the Admissions Office either by email or by phone . To receive a invitation letter, the student needs to present the following documents:

  • A scanned copy of passport (including pages which shows surname, given name, place and date of birth, serial number and validity of the passport) - 1 copy.
  • Filled in application form that will be sent to the student by email
  • Receipt of payment of the SWISSAM program registration fee.  
  • The processing period of a letter of invitation application through Russian Federal Migration Service  (FMS) is minimum one month from the date of the complete set of documents' reception by the FMS.

The invitation will be sent to the student by express mail/ courier or in some cases, the Russian consulate in some countries accepts a telex directly sent to the consulate. Please advice in what country and city you are intending to apply for Visa. 

When Student has arrived in Russia

Registration of foreign citizens:  When the student has arrived in Russia, he/she has to submit his/her passport to admissions office within 3 days of arrival, so that the school can do necessary registration. Alternatively the registration can be done where the student resides: a hotel, dormitory. SWISSAM does not take any responsibility for students who fail to register within the set time line.  

As the rules for entry to the Russian Federation are changing from time to time, we urge students to contact our Admissions Office of the SWISSAM Hospitality Business School.

Rules subject to change. 

Costs for Invitation and admin work is charged separately. 

Questions about the migration registration of foreign citizens that have arrived in St. Petersburg are handled by the Admissions Office of the SWISSAM Hospitality Business School.