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The one-day charity restaurant "SAVA" is a project developed by students and graduates of the IMI Restaurant Management program, ICE Culinary Arts and Culinary Arts Advanced of SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary Arts School.

The restaurant opened its doors on April 3rd in the lobby of school and attracted the attention of visitors with its authentic French countryside atmosphere.

"SAVA" was the most non-standard and unusual concept for implementation in the framework of the Restaurant Day, as students embarked on the task of combining classic French cuisine with a casual-dining format. That is why the focus was not only on the traditional supply of such dishes as beef Bourguignon, potato and onion soup and chocolate fondant, but also on the design features of the room with all its details and nuances.

For the younger guests of the Restaurant Day a children's room complete with entertainer was organised. There were masterclasses on cooking biscuits under the guidance of a student of program ICE Culinary Arts, Natalia Bylinkina.

All the proceeds were sent to the "Endowment named after AM School Gorchakov "to the development of the modern "Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum".