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Internship and Career

Aleksey Balahonov 

Hello! I am Aleksey Balahonov, i finished ICE Culinary Arts Chef Education program at SWISSAM Business School in 2015.

Change of profession

I am an engineer. Having worked in the specialty during 27 years I realized that the work does not bring me satisfaction and I don’t want to develop in it. Cooking also attracted me since childhood, and in my family anybody knows how to cook, first I learnt the basics of cooking with the help of video tutorials on the Internet. In Volgograd, where I came from, it is hard to get a decent education in culinary arts, and the prospect of spending 3-4 years in the culinary college, studying Soviet art, I did not want. As a result, leaving work and entering for one of the best restaurants in the city, I began to practice in the kitchen. Eight months later, I realized that I wanted to learn more, I do not have enough knowledge of the culinary foundation for further growth.


My friends helped me, they told me about SWISSAM Business School in St. Petersburg, which was the only educational institution of international level in Russia, which means that the education in the school on a high level, without any hesitation I went and moved to the city of my dreams.

 Exciting educational process


ICE Culinary Arts program is fantastic!

I came and got everything, what I wanted. The program is based on the rate of the ICE program, which includes the fundamental knowledge and techniques of French cuisine, in addition, it covers the cuisine of many other countries: Italy, USA, Mexico, Middle East and Asia. All studying takes place in English, so I improved my English level during studying. Also I want to note an international team of teachers. These people are not just theoretical teachers. They came to school directly from the restaurant industry and have years of experience behind them. I received from them not only knowledge, skills of working in the kitchen, but also an understanding of how things work in the modern restaurant business. This is very valuable. And of course, I have found a lot of new interesting and useful contacts during studying.

My life after SWISSAM Business School

After completing the program ICE Culinary Arts I was invited to work in one of the best hotels in St. Petersburg - Four Seasons Lion Palace. It should be noted that I was invited by the recommendation of the SWISSAM Business School.

Now I’m working there in the position of senior chef. I have plans for the future - go through survival school in the Four Seasons, "to pump" more in the culinary arts. In the future, perhaps opening business in the hospitality industry, or go to another restaurant, but in the position is not below sous-chef.