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Internship and Career

Aleksandr Mishin


Being an engineer, most of the adult life I spent in the kitchens of various restaurants in St. Petersburg, so I can say that I am not accidental in SWISSAM. It all started with a short trip to Portugal, where I was able to work on the position of cooker, that's when I realized that I do not have enough basic knowledge and specific skills to develop in this profession. Having returned to St. Petersburg, I started looking for a school of culinary art and found ICE Culinary Arts program in SWISSAM. It's incredible, but it turned out, this is what I was looking for, because the course is not only designed for learning from scratch, but also runs entirely in English with professional chefs- foreigners. 


 From the first days of my studies I actively began to participate in the all events, visit the guest lectures of renowned restaurateurs and chefs. I should note that in SWISSAM I truly realized that the hospitality industry - my element, and SWISSAM opens great opportunities for development in this sphere. I was invited to design the menu for the bars and cafes of St Petersburg. Permeated learning process at school, I enrolled on the Culinary Arts Advanced program, which opened for me the world of modern culinary art.


During studying at the Culinary Arts. Foundation program, I had the opportunity to take part in the 12th traditional competition for young chefs of the International Association (LaChaine des Rotisseurs), where I took the first place and defended the dignity and honor of the school. I can say that this is the best indicator of the level of education in SWISSAM, as I stood among the chefs with experience in the culinary industry. Now I'm preparing for the international stage of the competition in Manchester, which will be held in September 2016.