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Adnen Ben

Hello! My name is Adnen Ben and I’m a graduate of SWISSAM Business school, ICE Culinary Arts Foundation program.  Having lived half of my life in France, I wanted to become a professional dancer, but it turned out that I got seriously injured and had to change my scope of activities. At some point, my parents put it to me to choose the country for my education, and I decided to go to Saint Petersburg, Russia. Upon arrival, I entered the linguistic faculty, began to study the Russian language and thought that I would become a translator. However, after studying for two years I realized that it was too boring. And in front of me appeared the next question: what do I want to do in my life that will bring me pleasure? One thing I could say for sure is that I wanted to connect my life with the kitchen! One friend told me about SWISSAM Business School and ICE Culinary Arts program, and I decided to take a look with my own eyes. Having taken a tour in SWISSAM, and getting acquainted with the teaching staff, I asked for advice from my older brother and parents, and theysupported my choice unconditionally. And so, I entered this school, which gave a my career an incredible boost.

Studying at SWISSAM changed my life. Firstly, the high level and pace of learning, which is set from the very first lesson determines your course for the future. Due to the basics and skills provided by the Culinary Arts program, one of the graduates will be able to stand alongside professionals of restaurant business. Secondly, I am so imbued with the unique atmosphere in the kitchen, because the teachers do not merely impart theoretical knowledge, but actually are acting chefs with years of experience. They focus on the students’ getting as much practice as possible and show by example how to truly effect workflows in the kitchen and in the restaurant. It is also important that during training we form new relationships with friends. Groupmates and teachers become your true friends. Even after years, we continue to meet up, share our successes, share tips. Thirdly, SWISSAM holds a large number of events, making it possible to put into practice the catering trips, banquets and receptions.


After the program, I spent about a year in the restaurant “Sardina” on Rubinstein Street. I participated in the festival "O Da, Eda!" in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Today, I am a chef at the restaurant “Molto Buono”, and just like in SWISSAM there is a very friendly atmosphere, people are very open to new things, and everybody takes pleasure in what he is doing. In the future, I plan to continue my education in the culinary field, participate in new projects and improve my level in this sphere. Maybe one day I'll write a book "The Laws of the Kitchen," where I can describe my first steps in the restaurant industry.


My message and wish to all students is not to be afraid to change your life and make use of all opportunities for self-development and improvement. And, for sure, do not forget to truly love your job and head towards your goal.